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I am the Psychic whose reputation this wilbersweeny individual is out to blemish.

Let it be know that to point out this person is targeting me here is the proof.

They have not only made false claim that I read for them, they also made false claim I did a portrait of their son!

Don't you find it odd how on the same day 17th Feb 2016, this person writes 2 reviews, coincidently both businesses were and are mine! On this website they review both negatively and claim they were ripped off and on here state they reside in Colorado, yet on another website for The High Priestess Studio they single handed copy and paste the damning review claiming they live in Fort Worth?

StarKatz Photography slowed down to a close 8 years ago and I hung up my camera 5 years ago due to an injury. I will also state I have never so much as been out of the country let alone across to the other side of the country, and by country I reside in Sydney NSW Australia. I am no where situated whatsoever to Texas.

Why would an individual 1. Book a Photographer who doesn't go overseas and if I did I'm sure I'd had charged more than $1000 the plane fares alone there and back to Sydney would had been in excess of $10K! Not to mention there would be the need to pay for accommodation etc.. etc..

To further prove this person has a personal vendetta, they claim they paid $1000 to me, the same person who supposedly ripped them off on a portrait they state that they could had taken better with a mobile phone. I'm sure that they would had realised this is the person reading for them.. And it's blatantly obvious they had no idea that I no longer do photography otherwise their common sense would had made it more realistic a complaint by sticking to one business right?!

This person I might add coincidently ties in around the same time me and my staff were harassed by a woman who claimed to be a Medium who booked a reading with me from a location in NSW in a suburb called Aberglasslyn. From the second I called her, oh yes this rip off person that I am calls the client to save them the cost of the phone call and this includes mobiles.. Anyway getting back to the story, she proceeded to tell me her life story about her Father on the other side and how he is her guide etc.. I repeatedly asked her over and over that I do not wish to know why she wants the reading because that is now something I cannot mention for the fact I could be accused of only knowing that because.... she told me!

She continued to talk over me going on and on about how she reads and I'm doing everything wrong etc.. I stated if you aren't happy and given I was only in the beginning of the reading not 10 mins just reading out my pre-read (a pre-read is something I do prior to a client booking, it's pretty much my way of tuning in to see what I can pick up on the person, I don't count that as a part of the reading since I may be wrong but it's an interesting way to open up my reading nevertheless) after doing the pre-read I explain to the client that any questions they may have I will be happy to answer, however I do ask they leave them until the end of the reading.

I have also been known to be extremely generous with time, I've had people book a 1hr session only to end up having a 2.5hr session and I have never demanded they outlay anymore! I run weekly mystery draws where I give away readings to members of the facebook page who have left a review and rating and with the many things I do give the clients of my own time, I could hardly be called a person only in it for the money.

Anyway.. look at the fact this person has only left 2 reviews and both very negative and damaging and why of all the industries did they feel the need to target ones I ran or currently operate? If not to make it a personal vendetta.

You be the judge..

In addition that woman whose name is actually Jill and not Wilber, was offered a full refund as stated given the reading had virtually only begun, she demanded the CD even though all that was basically on it was me asking her repeatedly please don't tell me anything.. it did end up that since she was speaking over me I said 'if you don't stop I'm afraid I am going to have to terminate this reading' she continued so for the first time, I admit I hung up on a client. This naturally made her angry and began pouring a negative review on the Facebook page. She then began intimidating my staff asking them where they resided etc where I resided which they do not give out as I do not have people in my home. Come to think of it, one of my staff reside in Texas as they pick up the ah enquiries where my other staff member resides in Sydney and they look after the day time enquiries. I prefer not to handle my own bookings and even when people inbox me asking for me to read for them after requesting I accept them as a friend I do make it clear that I won't do this because I could be accused of having had access to their social media account and I do like to have a break where possible. :)

I felt that she was only out to stir up trouble from the second she opened her mouth. Some opposition are like that, this is why I do not socialise with others in this industry, not that I'm up myself but because I don't need the dramas... life has enough of those as it is.

Thank you for your time and I do hope you have seen what damage a person can do, it's only fortunate for me they made the mistake of claiming I did photography work for them otherwise you'd be forgiven to believe this farce of lies.

Kind regards

~ Karen Maree Waterfield

This reviewer shared experience about "false defamatory accusations - public slander" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). psychicstudio2u is overall dissatisfied with Starkatz Photography. The most disappointing about a product or service at Starkatz Photography was misleading and false claims, attempt to damage a reputation and public humiliation Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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